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Booster insoleX was created for the shoes as a modern multilayer composite device of variable stiffness and elasticity and was designed using the latest space and nanotechnology developments. Booster insoleX is:

What is the difference between Booster insoleX and inner soles?

Advantages of using Boosters insoleX


  • Boosters automatically correct the position of all joints at every step and for every manner of walking.

  • Boosters support the foot arch dynamically, every time when it is necessary. It does not allow the muscles of the foot arch to atrophy, as it is often happened during usage of conventional orthopedic insoles with constant static support.

  • Boosters protect the joints of the musculoskeletal system due to the unique multi-level amortization. Moreover the stronger is the load the stronger will be the amortization.

  • Boosters prevent transverse platypodia with every step, due to its special design and unique shape.

  • Boosters distribute the load on the foot as evenly as possible. They prevent the occurrence of discomfort in the feet and prevent the appearance of corns and calluses.


  • Boosters increase stride length due to inertial shock, which provides a larger contact area with the supporting surface. The increase in stride length allows the athlete to save 600 steps over a distance of 10 km.

  • Boosters help to boost the push. The accumulated booster’s energy is used at the moment of partial bending of the fingers. This moment allows an athlete to spend energy more efficiently.